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Stress Free Moving and Secure Storage


With thousands of moves performed and thousands fo happy customers, we gotten a formula for a smooth, stress free relocation.

Long Distance Interstate Moving

We handle with care every order, and every customer. We do understand how important it is to find a comapny you can trust.

Compete and Partial Packing

We offer a packing from scratch option for all of our moves. Kitchen, garage or even your basement packing is no problem for us. If you have already started to pack, but you feel like you are nt able to finish, we will finish ot for you.

Storage Services

Our warehouse is a temperature controlled, 100% secured facility.


Here are the main advantages of using our service.




We offer several insurance options based on our customers requirements.


We will find the way out in any situation, just give us a call and our customer service specialists will help you.


We cover the eintire US, if your place has a zip code - we will take you there.


Our vans are rquipped with blankets, tape, straps, dollies, floor mats and all the other equipment required for a professional move.

About us

Our company is based in Los Angeles, CA. We provide a complete array of storage and moving services. When it comes to relocation, we take it seriously and always make sure to professionally take every step of the process. By choosing our company, you will get a relible companyon you can trust.

Long distnace relocation is our main direction. We cover all states and all cities of the US.

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Reviews on Yelp

Noah M.

They were fast to respond to my request. I had a lot of furniture and home appliances to move, and it was a miracle that we’ve achieved all that in less than 6 hours. That’s an A+ from me! They were really careful with loading and unloading, and even though I took care of the packaging a while ago, they double-checked my work and provided additional safety measures. The team knew exactly what they were doing, and no time was spent aimlessly. From now on, I will only rely on professionals!

Emma C.

There was urgency, and it could not be solved on a working day. I wasn’t sure if it could’ve been resolved on the weekend, but your team proved me wrong. I had a nice discussion with the manager after which we quickly managed to set the time for the moving. In addition, I had valuable pieces of furniture to move, and the guys did a great job with packing. That’s a service I will certainly use again!

Jessica R.

Could not be happier with the results! The moving of office furniture was a real headache and I’m glad that in Los Angeles I could find a team of specialists that would handle the situation for me. They have affordable prices, and I could tell right away that their level of expertise is high. It is difficult for one person to take care of everything in such a short amount of time. I’m glad I used their service. Everybody in my team was really friendly, and we managed to crack some jokes in the process. I instantly knew that nothing was going to get damaged.

John N.

I had to store my furniture at a warehouse for a while, but I couldn’t seem to find a perfect place for that. I’ve heard about a specialized moving company that also provided storage services. After the renovation work was done at my new house, I could bring over the entire set of furniture. It didn’t suffer any damage in the process. I’ve been fortunate to come across a team of highly skilled professionals.

Tamara G.

Speed Way Movers was great. There are many things I could say about this company. They have truly helped me a lot. The movers knew exactly what to do and how to handle every item. There’s a lot I could learn from these guys about proper packing methods. They were never late, and the whole team of 5 men worked as a team without losing any precious time. Once we arrived at the location, they asked me where I would like to place the boxes. Every item was handled with care. They’ve done a great job. I liked their attitude and work ethics.

Abigail E.

The work was quickly done. They came and checked with their list of items to be moved. In around 20 minutes everything was packed and ready to go. It was definitely a pleasure seeing them move with such speed and precision. They were never behind the schedule. Even though the weather was far from perfect, the team of movers had ensured the safety of each item. I would never have managed to do all this work by myself this fast!

Madison O.

I’ve used several companies before, and they were mostly all good. However, this one has really stood out for me. Everything from the phone call to the actual moving and unloading has been perfect. Their timing and ability to handle fragile objects and valuable furniture has been amazing. Thank you for your awesome work!

Avery B.

I’ve always asked my friends to help me with my moving tasks. This didn’t always end up well because a number of my things received damage in the process. Now that I had a big move ahead, I didn’t have any choice but to call professionals. I ran into this company, and I’m still shocked that no things of mine were even scratched. With so many fragile objects this was definitely not a case of extreme luck. From now on I’ll stop calling my friends and will only use this service. I’m not afraid of moving anymore!